Bouviers Available for Adoption

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Bouvier des Flandres. The Bouviers we offer for adoption have been screened by those knowledgeable in the breed and we feel they are very desirable dogs. We hope to provide them with excellent homes. For each Bouvier adopted, we ask payment for actual expenses incurred or a minimum of $300.00. To be considered as an adopter, please fill out an application.

Ozzy (adoption pending)

Columbus, OH


4 years



Karen Fritts

**ADOPTION PENDING** Snowy Greetings from Ohio! My name is Ozzy and I am looking for my fur-ever home. I'm a beautiful, neutered, fawn Bouvier with a wonderful Bouvier bounce, I need no trampoline! I am housebroken, obedience trained, have shown no food aggression, love long walks and treats. I am neutered and up to date on veterinary care. To run and play with my ball and toys brings me lotsa joy! I am a very sweet boy who was rescued from the streets as a stray, malnourished with some health issues, although those have all been resolved and I am doing great! But like many rescues in this world I have a story and special needs. My plus column outweighs my special needs column for sure! No one, except me, knows what I have endured. I can't explain why I have some reactive triggers to certain things. My foster family, surrendering family, behavior specialist, and ABRL representative all have their ideas and thoughts... but only I know my reason. I react and am not able to explain myself. I have a reactive problem with loud noises such as vacuum cleaners, paper shredders, garbage trucks, semi-trucks, etc. I love car rides but when a large truck passes, I bark and chase and am reactive. When provided direction and correction with "no", I mind, but have to be watched to catch me before I react. I do so love the car rides though! If your car can accommodate a crate for me, and you are willing to work with me, this likely will help to stem the problem while I'm in the car with you! I am crate trained, but my crate should be used for management and training; I cannot be left crated for hours on end. Problem number two is more serious. I can be leery of men, particularly men of age with ball caps and or bearded faces. I have no problems with my ABRL coordinator's husband, nor my male foster parent, or the male behavioral specialist. But I bond very quickly with women and feel that I need to protect her from anything and or anyone. I do this quite quickly and make up my mind quite suddenly and can trigger unexpectedly. I growl and bark and do lunges but have made no contact. In terms of other dogs... I have been around other female dogs with no problems but do not like male dogs. My ABRL coordinator also says that I should not be around cats. I have never been evaluated around children, so for this reason, a home without children is required. Folks, I have a lot going on and am confused and lack self-confidence and am scared with all these changes I am facing. Likely I need a female home, with lots of time love and experience. I have separation anxiety as well. It's going to take someone who really knows our breed and understands my special circumstances and needs. I will need a fenced yard where I can be supervised. I am not a dog for a first time Bouvier owner! A commitment to working with a qualified positive trainer and/or behaviorist is a requirement of my adoption. Please evaluate my needs carefully and consider if you have the ability to work with me and provide me with the proper quite home, time, love, patience, training and work I will need. To be considered as an adopter, please fill out an application on line. For questions, contact Karen Fritts.